Congratulations To The Marley's

“We don’t like Michael Jackson” was a statement I’m not used to hearing; matter of fact, I’ve never heard of it in my entire career as a DJ. Better yet, my entire life. I was a bit surprised when I heard it from the beautiful Stephanie during our last interview. But I had to remind myself that it’s never about what or who the DJ likes, but the bride and groom. 

Since MJ was my idol growing up, I got lost for a few seconds here. Thankfully, Stephanie changed that mood quickly by being who she is, very down-to-earth, and absolutely friendly. She explained they don’t have anything against MJ, they just don’t listen to his music. The interview ended up being a success. 

Meeting the Marleys’ and the rest of the bridal party in person was a whole other story. They were such a lively crew with a lot of energy haha. We had a great time celebrating the two of them. It was an “amazeballs” wedding reception!

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