Our Process

Let’s face it; with the abundant amount of things to prepare before your big day, the finish line can seem far away.  But with the help of our attentive team, we will offer detailed services and reliable communication to soothe the process.  We will provide the essential tools you will need to build your confidence and assure your dream will come true.

Our Process Begins With The Journey

The Blind Date

Just as every individual is unique, we understand that every wedding is unique.  We are eager to hear all about you and your ideas.  This is arguably our favorite part of the process; meeting someone we’ve never met before, and by the end, we have painted a beautiful vision of your wedding day.

The 2nd Date

It was our absolute pleasure getting to know you, now let’s explore our options.  This is our chance to get to let you know a little more about us.  We will dive into our vast selection of packages to find the one that suits your needs.  Our custom add-on options will provide the precise finishing touches of what you need to bring your vision to life.

The Proposal

We are official, you have chosen to work with us.  We are now committed to making this the best possible experience for you.  We are excited to get down to the nitty-gritty details of your wedding.  This is where we get to discuss your music preferences, wedding formalities, and other special requests.  With our careful attention to detail, you will be assured that your wedding will proceed seamlessly.

The Big Day

Hey! It’s your big day.  All the anticipation has led up to this.  We finally get to see all of our plans come to life.  And with all the hustle and bustle going on, we want to be the last thing on your mind.  We’ve done our last check-in a few days ago for today to go flawlessly.  Now you get to kick back and enjoy every sensational moment.  This is where memories are created.

About Rod Bell DJ Services

Rod Bell DJ Services is a small, family-owned and operated company located in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. With almost 20 years of experience, we are proud to offer quality, affordable DJ/MC services, lighting, photo booths, special party effect, photography and videography services. We treat our clients like family, so we tailor our services to fulfill each party’s individual needs.  We love what we do, and spreading joy on people’s special days will never get old.

Our DJ Services

Rod Bell DJ Services has the most dynamic and versatile event group in the business. From elaborate weddings to prestigious corporate events, not to mention your exciting private celebrations, we are here to bring out the best in any gathering.

Wedding DJ Service

Unlike any other day, this is the best day of your life and we’re here to make sure it goes better than you ever had imagined

Corporate DJ Service

Let’s admit it. Sometimes the same day-to-day routine can get a bit boring. Our DJs can boost morale and have coworkers talking about your event for weeks.

Private DJ Events

Your special loved one is turning the big 50. Or maybe it’s your child’s bar mitzvah. Perhaps you are throwing a baby shower, or graduation party. The possibilities are endless.

Our Happy Clients

You Have Questions We Have Answers

Can we customize packages?

Yes. The packages were created to help simplify your choices, however, they can be customized to better fit your vision.

Do you take song requests?

Yes, as long as they are approved by the Bride and Groom.

Do we need to fill out our wedding checklist?

Yes, this is mandatory, as it outlines everything we need to go over to ensure the wedding goes smoothly.

How many songs should I put on my playlist?

As many as you wish, however, we strongly suggest limiting the number to about 30 songs. This will ensure your absolute favorite songs will be played. This will also give the DJ a good sense of your music genre preferences and will give them the room to input their creative expertise.

We are new to weddings and are not quite sure which songs to pick for our ceremony. Can you help?

Yes! Based off of our experience, we will provide recommendations.

What time do you typically arrive before the event?

We arrive an hour prior to the event to give time to unload our equipment and set up for the event.

Interested in Our DJ Services?

Get in touch today to confirm availability for your date